Adam's Formula

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Adam's Formula

Our Antibacterial Intimate Foam wash has been specially formulated for all skin types, targeting the sensitive area. This rich invigorating foam is fortified with AHA’s and Certified Organic antioxidant botanicals to gently penetrate and dissolve deeply embedded pollutants and excess oil, while not stripping essential moisture. Our goal is to give your intimate skin an overall detoxifying cleanse while hydrating it with Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid and revitalizing it with a blend of Peppermint, Rosemary & Sage Essential Oils, leaving you clean and refreshed. Australian Tea Tree Oil is used for its proven bacterial fighting properties, perfect for the targeted area. Aloe Vera is used to calm skin irritation, as are Chamomile and Comfrey help to soothe the skin leaving you clean and confidently refreshed.

Contains 5 specifically selected Alpha Hydroxy Acids to effectively & gently exfoliate pollutants from the skin.
Contains AAA Australian Tea Tree Oil proven for it’s antibacterial abilities.
Contains Hyaluronic Acid for its superior ability to restore and hold precious moisture to the skin.
Phthalate Free, Ph balanced, Paraben Free, For All Skin Types.
Made With Organic Extracts